Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thumper Rule

From a young age, one thing was clear: I liked to talk.

When I started teaching, I did a lot of talking. I talked at my students and aimed to talk with them. I talked about my students with other co-workers to make sure that I could get them what they needed to be successful in my classroom, whether it be tutoring, testing, counseling, clothes or food. I talked to my parents. I talked with my students parents. I talked with my teacher roommates. I talked in graduate school classes. There were many days I was just tired of talking. And, at the beginning, I did a fair amount of talking on this blog.

I have tried to keep my posts honest and positive. Recently, I've had more and more friends comment that I haven't posted as much. In keeping with the Thumper Rule, I haven't said much about the past school year and the reasons I chose to leave my TFA placement school.

Ultimately, there wasn't just one reason and it was harder than I thought it would be to leave. It had been the only place that I'd taught and I really fell in love with some of the students and families I worked with. It still warms my heart to get text messages and photos telling me how my students are doing this year. 

Which is why it broke my heart that, despite the efforts of some amazing educators, the school makes headlines for this

Am I surprised? Unfortunately, no. Am I saddened? Yes. 

I have lots that I could say about it. There's a lot that I want to say. But ultimately, it accomplishes nothing. If anything, it makes me want to go to my new principal and simply say thank you for taking a chance on me.